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About the association

Land trust association is a form of public society that protects the countryside by acquiring and managing farmland sustainably. Since 2003 Sdruzeni Krajina is the biggest land trust association in regard to acreage of protected land which is either owned or leased by Sdruzeni Krajina. In 2012 we managed to hand-mow 160 hectars of wet meadows in various locations of Vysocina and Pardubice region. We managed to involve over 200 locals and volunteers in the hand mowing.

Hand mowing of wet meadows is a core activity of Sdruzeni Krajina. But why should we mow  peat swamps? Why should we care for them?

The peat undergrowth is an important regulator of water regime. Peat retains more water than a pond and releases it gradually.

Peat is also a home of numerous endangered plant and animal species that would otherwise extinct.

If meadows become abandoned, different species will outcompete native meadow plants. Meadows then lose their natural value and change their character. Abandoning then leads to pioneers species invasion and meadows will eventually stop existing.

Wet meadows used to be a typical element of Vysocina landscape. If in a good condition wet meadows are very appealing not only scientifically but also aesthetically. They create the character of local countryside and complete its athmosphere. Its importance has been particularly appreciated within last few years of alternating draughts and floods.

These habitats used to be grazed or mowed in a traditional way. However, they are not always easily accessible for machines due to landscape character or location. Hand mowing and pasture of poor quality have been discouraging the field owners and also farmers. Nevertheless, the regular hand mowing is essential to preserve diverse plant associations occuring in such habitats. Therefore, Sdruzeni Krajina has been organizing hand mowing events every year focusing on the most naturally valuable habitats. This works well due to help of State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic, the Authority of Zdarske Vrchy Protected Landscape Area, Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic and Vysocina Council. However, we wouldn’t manage without volunteers. Big thanks to all of them.

Hand mowing is a very exhausting work but we are still hoping that we will find more volunteers who care about the nature and will join us.

If you would like to help please sign up at the below email address:

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